a short note on the season

It’s far too beautiful a day to sit here at my computer.  In spite of all the weather warnings, the sky over South Liverpool is bright and dry, and the branches are ringing with blue-tit trills and wren song.  I am about to wrap up warm for one of my favourite annual traditions: the quest for the snowdrop. 

I’ve not seen any yet, this year, but I have somehow always been blessed by finding them on February 1st, for as long as I’ve been looking.  There are other signs of coming Spring to see as well – the hazel on my street is hung with dancing yellow catkins, and the soft buds of the pussy-willow in the park are breaking through.  I am no longer travelling to work in darkness.  A new season has arrived – and with it, a new moon, and a new Chinese year.

However you spend these days, may they bring you inspiration and renewal.