The 30 Days of Deity Devotion is long since over in the real world, but will be left unfinished on the blog for now; unfortunately my computer has broken! And it may be a while before I can get hold of another one to type out the remaining posts.

Writing the remaining posts on paper, in long-hand, has been an interesting contrast to posting directly to the blog. Communicating thoughts to others involves thinking them through more thoroughly than I otherwise might; it’s one of the reasons I try to keep blogging. But, conversely, not having to communicate thoughts to others means allowing myself the freedom to let my thoughts carry me away to places I might not otherwise have reached…

I will find a way to adapt those notebook ramblings for the blog, and conclude my 30 days of devotion to the shorelines, but, for now, this is about as much as I can stand to type out on my phone!

More soon, I hope.



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