inspiration (I)

20. Art that reminds you of this deity

My favourite representation of Manawydan (in the guise of Manannán) was created by the ever-inspirational Thalia Took as part of her God Art project. I have shared it on this blog before, but it’s worth sharing again:


John Sutton’s Limavady sculpture of Manannán Mac Lír is worth a mention here, too. It really captured the spirit of the god who sang out to Bran mac Febal that, to him, the sea is a flowery plain that he traverses in his wave-sweeping chariot. It was vandalised early in 2015, the figure of Manannán  replaced with a crude wooden cross. I can’t wait to see it restored:


Closer to home, Amanda Oliphant, a Wirral-based artist, paints ‘reflective landscapes’ of the places I haunt on my walks. These, too, capture something of the wonder that forms part of my relationship with my deity:

estuary island

Estuary Island

2 thoughts on “inspiration (I)

    • Yes, I thought of you when I saw that!

      I was in Martin Mere recently, too, thinking of your poetry – and of all the places which have been covered by the waters this season.

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