walking with power

She came to me as I was walking home this evening. It was twilight, and I could feel something stirring in the air. It felt like Her.

I spoke Her name, softly, inwardly, with all the focus of my soul. And suddenly there She was, walking alongside me, the white horse, in all Her strength and grace, with all her Knowing. Shoulder to shoulder, we walked together down the road, the air around her buoying up my listless body.

At the corner of my street I felt Her hesitate. She looked back, and I looked with Her. The horizon behind us was spread with a low, glowing sunset. Beautiful. She tossed Her tail; I could feel Her desire to be on that horizon, walking Westwards with the light.

I bade Her farewell and turned towards home – but as I walked away, a blast of that buoyant air buffeted me from behind, enough to make me laugh out loud. And when it had subsided, something of it stayed with me; in the place where blankness and despair had been gnawing a hole these past weeks, I felt power, my power, as raw and rich and real as the springtime earth. I don’t know why or how it happens, but when I lose myself, She calls me back.


Druid Animal Oracle – the horse


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